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Baggot Court Townhouse,
92 Lower Baggot Street,
Dublin 2, Ireland
T: + 353 1 661 2819
Fax: + 353 1 661 0253


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A Brief History Of Baggot Court Townhouse and Baggot Street, Dublin, Ireland

Accommodation Dublin City Centre. Dublin 2 and Dublin 4 Area, near Grand Canal Theatre Dublin

Queen Victoria made four official visits in all to Ireland; the visits took place in
1849, 1853, 1861 and 1900.
The link to Baggot Court Townhouse took place during her visit in 1849.
The city authorities did everything possible to make the visit a success and temporary
gates were erected under an arch on
Baggot Street Bridge and Queen Victoria was presented with the keys to the
Dublin city by the Lord Mayor of Dublin
Mr Timorty O'Brien.

Lord Mayor O'Brien lived at the Baggot Court Townhouse from 1829 to 1845.
When you leave the Baggot Court Townhouse turn right and walk 150 meters to Baggot Street Bridge


Royal visit of 1849 by Queen Victoria


Baggot Court Townhouse Parish of St. Anne

The Baggot Court Townhouse was constructed some time around 1829. The first person appears to have been Mr. Timothy O’Brien a Wine Merchant who became Lord Mayor of Dublin in 1844.Mr Timothy OBriens Headstone

Mr. O’Brien purchased the property from Mr Curtis on 6th November 1829 the following is a list of persons who resided at 92 Lower Baggot Street. (see function of Dublin Lord Mayor below)

1829 Mr Timothy O’Brien
1845 Major James Palmer
1850 Mrs Finnucane
1858 William Dean Merchant
1861 William Dean Merchant & Edward Dean Esq.
1862 William Dean & Son Wholesale Manufacturers
1865 Miss Fennell
1873 Mr John Scott
1874 Mrs Fennell Scott Professor of Singing
1907 Sarah Brennan & Apartments
1920 Let in Flats
1944 Dr Michael O’Higgins
1965 Mrs F Jones
1976 Jeremiah Higgins
1983 Kathleen O’Higgins
1991 Timothy Wyse
1992 Flats
1993 Vacant 
1997 Baggot Court Townhouse

This is headstone for Timothy O'Brien former Lord Major of Dublin who lived in Baggot Court. It's in Glasnevin Cemetery.


Local History

birthplace of francis baconThe birthplace of Francis Bacon (painter) sits directly across the street at 62 Lower Baggot Street. Francis Bacon was born at 62 Lower Baggot Street, the son of an Irish born mother and an Australian-born English father.Captain Anthony Edward Mortimer ("Eddy") Bacon, his father, was a veteran of the Boer War who became a racehorse trainer. Christina Winifred "Winnie" Firth, his mother, was an heiress to a Sheffield steel business and coal mine.Function of Lord Mayor of DublinThe office is largely symbolic and its responsibilities consist of chairing meetings of the City Council and representing the city at public events. Apart from a few reserved functions, which are exercised by the City Council as a whole, executive power is exercised by the City Manager, a Council official appointed by the Public Appointments Service formerly by the Local Appointments Commission. Except on a handful of occasions where the city government has been suspended for not striking a rate a level of local tax, Dublin has had a mayor for nearly eight hundred years.The Lord Mayor resides in the eighteenth century Mansion House on Dawson Street. A privilege enjoyed by the Lord Mayor is to receive the first car registered in Dublin at the beginning of each new year, i.e. in 2010 the Mayor's car registration was "10–D–1".


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